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    What is life

    Life is full of Adventure and Beauty waiting for you to reach out for it. Do not let anything stop you from experiencing life in its full range.

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    Yoga lesson

    Breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

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Do you want to work with yourself to improve you mental health in a relaxing place like Phuket?

I, Jonas Sandberg, am a Swedish psychologist licensed in Sweden, Norway, New Zealand and Australia, specialized on cognitive mental training and hypnotherapy. I have a clinic in Stockholm, Oslo and Phuket.

During more than 20 years I have developed my own methodology within these fields. I don’t work with any special target groups. My starting point is the methods I’ve developed.

You’re welcome to consult me when you want my help to achieve better on what you’re already good at or if you need to process a certain kind of problem and thereby solve it.

In either case, the methodology I use if we work together is this: after one or more INTRODUCTORY CONVERSATIONS we move on to COGNITIVE MENTAL TRAINING.

If you don’t experience that you reach your coals by help of this it’s possible  you carry on unprocessed material on an unconscious level that can be processed by help of HYPNOTHERAPY. You’re now, with help of the introductory conversations and the cognitive mental training  strong enough to do so.

Together with my Swedish colleges, Göran Rosenberg and Nils Erik Tedgård, I also arrange workshops at our retreat-center KAMALA HEIGHTS in Phuket Island.


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When you consult me I always start by asking you to tell me about yourself and what you want me to help you to develop or solve more specifically.

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Mental training

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When you and your Psychologist experience that you can’t go any further by talking it can be profitable to move on and complement with COGNITIVE MENTAL TRAINING.

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If you think COGNITIVE MENTAL TRAINING is not enough for you to reach your goals we can move on and complement with HYPNOTHERAPY.

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We are licensed psychologists working with individuals and groups in companies and organisations .

E jonas@mindmanphuket.com

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